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Ever thought of becoming a councillor?

Do you care about local issues? 

Would you like to change your community for the better? 

All councils are led by democratically elected councillors who set the vision and direction, and represent their local community.

Each Council can only be as effective, relevant and vibrant as the people elected to run it. The decisions made by councillors affect the lives of everyone in the area in countless ways – from education to housing and regeneration, environment and transport to arts, leisure and culture, community safety and health to helping local businesses thrive.

This Council prides itself on being open, honest and fair – on leading by example; on having big plans and the determination to see them through; on delivering genuine value for money; on setting the highest standards of public service; on communicating clearly and regularly with the community we serve; on being challenging, innovative and well organised; on all of these fronts and more, we’re on with it.

This Council needs councillors who are capable, energetic and engaged, with a commitment to local people and a passion for change.

Whatever needs changing, you could be the person to change it by becoming a local councillor.


“Stand for what you believe in – Be a Councillor!”

This is the name of our latest campaign to raise awareness about the role of local councillors, the opportunity to become one, and encourage more people to stand as candidates.

It will run up until the next local elections, which are due in in May 2019.

The campaign is part of a national initiative by the Local Government Association (LGA). The LGA has produced a step-by-step guide about what councillors do and a quick guide to local government, along with a free online course to help people decide if being a councillor is for them. There is also a guide to becoming a councillor for people with disabilities.

There are also some case studies about existing Councillors from across the country to show that they are ordinary people just like you and I. Here are some profiles of our local councillors

Grant scheme for disabled candidates - this was recently launched by the Government to provide support leading up to the May 2019 Local Elections. The grants are intended to help meet the additional disability-related support needs and costs disabled people could face in seeking elected office. 

Grants averaging £4,000 will be made available to cover costs of campaign expenses including specialist transport, screen reader software, sign language interpretation and braille transcription. Funding is not available for costs which all candidates might expect to incur, e.g. normal campaigning costs, such as leaflet printing and distribution.

Applications for grants will be accepted from January 2019.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the role of a councillors.


Want to find out more?

“Be a Councillor” information event 
– provides an ideal opportunity for anyone wanting to know more about being a councillor, or standing as a candidate in local elections.  

The Council held one of these events on 11 September 2018 at the Town Hall in Stockton High Street.  

Those attending heard about some of the Council’s latest major successes which highlight that we are a high performing Council; some of the major challenges facing the Council, and a couple of examples of what is being done to overcome them – to give an idea of the difficult issues Councillors need to make decisions about.

Attendees also had the opportunity to meet current councillors from each political party, ask questions and receive information about the support and training available to help people carry out their role once they are elected.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a councillor, please contact Stuart Levin on 01642 526185 or email him at [email protected].

For more specific information about being a candidate for a particular political party, please use the following contacts: 

Political Party

Contact Person for more information


Councillor Matthew Vickers – 07825 582514

Ingleby Barwick Independent Society (IBIS) 

Councillor Ken Dixon – 01642 764650


Councillor Nigel Cooke – 01642 589442

Liberal Democrats 


Thornaby Independent Association 

Councillor Ian Dalgarno – 01642 882985

West Words 

Councillor Chris Clough – 07932 642793