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2023 Parliamentary Boundary Review

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) have been tasked to conduct a review of the parliamentary constituencies in England based on the updated rules in the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 2020. The BCE must complete the current review and make a formal report to the Speaker of the House of Commons before the 1 July 2023.

Parliamentary Boundaries reflect the area where the electorate vote for their MP, the review will examine these areas and make proposals for a new set of boundaries. The Act requires there to be a fixed number of 650 constituencies.

The North East region has been allocated 27 constituencies (currently it has 29). The BCE’s initial proposals have aimed to wholly contain each of these constituencies in the North East region.

The BCE is also required by the Act to ensure that each proposed constituency has an electorate as at the 2 March 2020 that is no less than 95% and no more than 105% of the UK electoral quota.  This quota has been calculated at 73,393. Accordingly, each constituency must have an electorate that is no smaller than 69,724 and no larger than 77,062.


Initial Proposals

Taking these requirements and other statutory factors* into account, the BCE published its initial proposals for England, including the North East on the 8 June 2021.

You can see the latest proposals on the Boundary Commission website.

*Other statutory factors include:

  • Special geographical considerations e.g. mountains lakes rivers
  • Local Government boundaries as they exist or were in prospect on 1 December 2020
  • Boundaries of existing constituencies
  • Any local ties
  • The inconveniences attendant on such changes


Initial Consultation Period - COMPLETE

The 8 week period of consultation by the BCE on its initial proposals began on 8 June 2021. The BCE is required to consider all written representations made to it during this time and representations will be published alongside the initial proposals.

The BCE will be encouraging all interested parties to contribute views through their consultation website.

Following the 8 weeks consultation period, the BCE will publish on its website all of the representations it has received for each region. This website will be updated accordingly as the review and consultation progresses.


Secondary Consultation Period

From Tuesday 22 February to Monday 4 April 2022, the secondary consultation on the initial proposals for new constituencies in England will take place. During this consultation, the BCE intend to hold 32 public hearings across the country. For more information, visit the Boundary Commission website.