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Stockton-on-Tees Town Hall

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The Plan contains all decisions expected to be made by the Council through its Cabinet Members, as well as key decisions to be taken by officers, in the next four months.

View the Published Statutory Forward Plan.

General exception - the council has a duty under Statutory Instrument 2012 No. 2089 to publish on its website the notice of any key decision that is due to be taken which has not been included in the forward plan and it is not practical to defer the decision until it can be included. Following the appropriate approvals being given by the monitoring officer and chief executive, the chair of the executive scrutiny committee is informed of the intention to take the decision. Five clear days must elapse between the notice being issued to the chair of the committee and the decision being taken.

Special urgency - Where five clear days notice cannot be given of the intention to make the decision as set out above, the decision is subject to the special urgency process. General exception and special urgency notices can be viewed, alongside relevant documentation, alongside papers for meetings of council committees on egenda.


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