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Inman, Barbara

Councillor Barbara Inman

Councillor Barbara Inman represents Roseworth Ward and was elected in 1995.  She holds ward surgeries at Kiora Hall where members of the public can call in to discuss any issues that they may have.

I was born in Stockton and lived in Ragworth for six years before moving to Roseworth when the house, which is still in the family, was built. I have one older brother and a younger sister and brother.

I went to Ragworth Primary School, then William Newton for a short time then moved again when the new Secondary Modern school was built. When I left school I went to Stockton Billingham Technical College to do shorthand, typing, commerce and accounts.

This led to a secretarial job at ICI where I worked in many different departments for a total of 15 years. Whilst working at ICI I attended night school and gained a number of O and A levels and so at the ripe old age of 31 decided to try to get into teacher training. 

I got in and gained a B.Ed and began my teaching career which was mainly at Ayresome Infant School (which later became Ayresome Primary) and also, during my time there, I studied for and gained a BA with the Open University.

I have always been interested in sport - played for Norton Juniors hockey team whilst still at school before moving into the senior team. I also played National League basketball, squash and badminton as well as doing lots of long distance walking - Swaledale marathons, Lyke Wake Walks and the Great North Run a few times.

About 20 years ago I took up golf - am a member of Darlington Golf Club and have been Lady's Captain twice. I have had a bit of success at the game - the most memorable being when a friend and I qualified to represent the North of England in a competition in Morocco - we were there five days and had a fabulous time.

Other interests are travelling and gardening.

In the early 80's I joined the Labour Party. I became minute taker at Constituency Party meetings and also worked for the late Frank Cook MP, as his Constituency Secretary, for a while. I became a Councillor for Roseworth Ward about 19 years ago - my aim then (and still is now) was to make a difference and to represent the people of the Ward to the best of my ability.

I no longer live in Roseworth but I am there very frequently and, though there is still work to do, I think my fellow Councillors over the years and I have achieved quite a lot.

During 2014/15 I represented the Borough as Mayor of Stockton-on-Tees.


Ward Surgeries

Date Time Location
16 August 2021 5.30pm Redhill Family Hub
13 September 2021 5.30pm Redhill Family Hub
19 October 2021 5.30pm Redhill Family Hub
15 November 2021 5.30pm Redhill Family Hub
20 December 2021 5.30pm Redhill Family Hub

Although some Surgeries have not taken place due to Coronavirus you can still contact your Ward Councillors with any concerns you may have. 

Councillor Barbara Inman - [email protected] / 01642 582644. 


Roseworth Ward Information 

At Long Last

The long overdue private housing development on the former Roseworth pub site is well underway with the first of the 12 houses (and 2 apartments) almost ready for occupation.  In fairness, building was delayed because of a range of issues beyond the developers control—not least the global financial crisis commencing in 2008!  We have been in regular contact with the site owners, encouraging and supporting them to get this off the drawing board.  So we are delighted that the first properties are now up for sale, including through the Help to Buy scheme, through local estate agents, Manners & Harrison.

Residents will be particularly pleased that the eyesore that they have had to put up with for far too many years will finally be replaced with a nice looking small development - which has adopted the name of Rosebank Court.



Young people were prominent in the litter pick and primrose planting at Rhondda valley/beck area. This activity was ably supported by Tees Valley Wild Green Spaces project, led by Sue Antrobus from Tees Valley Wildlife Trust.


Did you know…. can sign up to free classes at the outdoor gym in the grounds of Kiora Hall (entrance on Ragpath Lane/Rudyard Ave corner)? You can also use the equipment on your own or with others supported by a smartphone app if you wish.

The gym has been provided by the Council’s Public Health team with financial support from Roseworth Big Local, who have also arranged for Tees Active to hold the sessions on each weekday, and a contribution from Thirteen Housing. The site is covered by CCTV.

Phone 01642 526740 for more details on how to join in.



In Brief 

  • Esh construction are progressing well with building the crematorium on the former Blakeston/North Shore school field. Completion is due mid 2019.
  • Anti-social/criminal behaviour at Roseworth shops has been successfully curtailed by a concerted effort from Neighbourhood Police, the Council’s Civic Enforcement Team and Youth services; the CCTV cameras have been upgraded to provide the highest quality images to identify transgressors; to report issues here or elsewhere, call 101 for the Police (999 for emergencies) or 01642 528439 for Civic Enforcement who operate M-Th 7am to 10pm, Fri & Sat 7am til midnight and Sun 10am to 10pm.
  • We were able to secure partresurfacing of Ragpath Lane with another section near St Gregory’s completed recently.
  • Also, in January, further traffic calming on Rochester Road near the MUGA will be undertaken and priority at the junction with Romsey Road will be restored to how it was before an unpopular change a few years ago.
  • Free dog waste bags are still available at Roseworth Library


Stop Smoking

The Stockton and Hartlepool Stop Smoking Service is offering drop-in sessions across the Borough to those people who wish to give up smoking. There will be help from trained advisors and prescriptions available for treatments such as nicotine replacement or other supporting medication.

For more details of the service and drop-in time table, please ring 01642 383819 or click the website link below to find out your nearest drop-in clinic or pharmacy one stop shop.

View the stop smoking drop in service timetable.

Cleveland Police
Information on your local Neighbourhood Team.

Although Roseworth has about average crime (and anti-social behaviour) levels in the Borough, our neighbourhood police are determined to reduce this even further. But they can't do it without your help! Police and Ward councillors recently urged a resident's meeting to report all crime so that resources can be targeted to the right place and a case can be put forward for more if needed.

Online Services
Report it - Apply for it - Pay for it As well as the usual ways of contacting the Council for a service, a range of services can now be requested online. To find out more about the Online Services use visit 'Most Popular and Do It Online'.

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