Councillors and Council meetings (egenda)

Stockton-on-Tees Town Hall

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Local Councillors are the people elected every four years to represent your interests in local affairs. Each Councillor represents a small area, or ward, and the people who live within that area.

To find out more about being a Councillor please visit the Be A Councillor website.

Stockton Borough has 56 Councillors and 26 wards, with between one and three Councillors representing each ward.

The current political representation of the council is as follows (07 May 2021):

Labour 24
Conservative 16
Thornaby Independent Association 7
Ingleby Barwick Independent Society 3
Fairfield and Yarm Independents 3
Liberal Democrats 1
West Words 1
Independent  1

You can also view the Election Outcome Map.

See the following for further information.

Councillors are responsible for setting the Council's policies and making the important decisions on how services are provided at regular meetings of the Council, the Cabinet and Committees.

Stockton, along with the four other Tees Valley Local Authorities, have agreed to work together as the Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA) as part of a Devolution Deal for the Tees Valley agreed with the Government.

Meetings of the TVCA are open to the public to attend and copies of their meeting papers can be found on the Tees Valley Combined Authority website.

Most councillors arrange regular ward surgeries. Where ward surgeries are not provided, a Councillor will arrange a suitable appointment where you can informally discuss problems or other matters concerning your neighbourhood. You can find information about these surgeries on the Councillor webpages.

In accordance with the Local Authorities (Members' Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003, we are required, as soon as reasonably practicable after the end of a year to which the scheme relates, make arrangements for the publication within the authority’s area of the total sum paid by it in the year under the scheme to each recipient in respect of each of the following—

(a) basic allowance;

(b) special responsibility allowance;

(c) dependants' carers' allowance;

(d) travelling and subsistence allowance; and

(e) co-optees' allowance.

Some areas also have Parish or Town Councillors.


Cabinet Briefings

The latest Cabinet Briefing e-bulletin, which provides a quarterly update of activity in each of our Cabinet portfolio areas.