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Council Tax Support

If you are on a low income, whether in work, unemployed or retired and have less than £16,000 savings, you may be able to claim this discount which will help to pay your Council Tax.

If you are of working age you can get help with up to 80% of your Council Tax bill. Therefore, even if you qualify for help you will have to pay at least 20% of your Council Tax bill. If you are of pension age you can get help with up to 100% of your Council Tax bill. Under the Council Tax Support rules you are classed as pension age when you reach the qualifying age for Pension Credit.

The amount of Council Tax Support depends on:

  • Your (and any partner's) income and savings
  • Who lives in your household
  • The amount of Council Tax you pay

You can find how much Council Tax Support you may be entitled to on the Government benefits calculator.


Second Adult Support

Second Adult Support is help with your Council Tax if you are of pension age and share your home with one or more adults (not including your partner) who are on low incomes.

You may qualify if the adult living with you:

  • is over 18 years
  • is not be your husband, wife, partner or civil partner
  • does not pay Council Tax themselves
  • does not pay you rent
  • must not be a joint owner or tenant
  • must have low income

When you apply for Council Tax Support, we'll automatically consider Second Adult Support as well. You'll get whichever one means you pay less. The most Second Adult Support you can get is 25%.

Apply online for Council Tax Support

If you are unable to apply online please call our helpline on 01642 393829.


What happens next?

We’ll consider your application and then write to tell you:

  • If your claim has been successful or not
  • How much you have been awarded

We’ll credit your account with any award and send you a revised bill but if you think we’ve got it wrong, let us know straight away.


If you don’t agree with the decision

If you disagree, you can write to us to:

  • Ask us to explain our decision
  • Ask us to look at the decision again

You need to give us as much information as possible to explain why you are not happy with the decision. For instance if you think we made a mistake with your income, savings, people included or the date your Council Tax Support has been awarded from.

If we decide to change how much you are awarded we will write to you. If we cannot alter our decision, we’ll tell you why and advise you of your right of appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.


Your right of appeal to the Valuation Tribunal

You must make your appeal directly to the Valuation Tribunal, this is a free and independent organisation that deals with Council Tax appeals.

You must make your appeal within two months of the date we told you of the outcome of your request to us to look again at the way we worked out your Council Tax Support.

You cannot make an appeal to the Valuation Tribunal if you have not first asked us to look again at the way we worked out your Council Tax Support.

The Valuation Tribunal will tell us about your appeal and we will tell you and the Valuation Tribunal about any evidence we will use at the hearing.

Visit the Valuation Tribunal website for further information.


Tell us if your circumstances change

If any of your circumstances change that could alter how much you pay, you need to let us know as soon as possible. Visit the Tell us about a change of address or a change in your circumstances webpage for more information.


Council Tax Support scheme

You can find the full details of our Local Council Tax Support scheme in the Stockton Council Local Council Tax Support Scheme 2021 - 22.

You can also view a Summary of the Scheme 2021–22.


Further information

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