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Closed Consultations 2018


Please see below for our closed consultations that took place during 2018. 

Date Closed Title Description Results / Outcomes
30 November  2018 Tees Valley Joint Waste Management Strategy

The Tees Valley Joint Waste Management Strategy has been produced by the five Tees Valley councils Darlington Borough Council, Hartlepool Borough Council, Middlesbrough Council, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, and Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council.

The strategy sets out the joint approach to the sustainable management of waste within the Tees Valley and prioritises actions for the next fifteen years.

The results of the consultation have been discussed by the Tees Valley Combined Authority and Action Plans are currently under development.

8 November 2018 Local Plan Main Modifications

The Stockton on Tees Local Plan enables local communities and the Council to shape development across the Borough as it will, once adopted, be the starting point for the consideration of planning applications for the development and use of land.

The Council is undertaking a consultation on the Main Modifications to the emerging Local Plan.

The Council submitted its draft Local Plan to the Secretary of State for independent examination in December 2017. Through this Examination process, the Inspector has considered the evidence supporting the Local Plan and the responses of residents and other stakeholders; as a result a number of ‘Main Modifications’ to the plan are required.

During the consultation the Council received responses from 34 individuals/organisations, who submitted 100 representations.

The Consultation Statement Addendum which provides a summary breakdown of the number of representations received can be requested from the Council’s Spatial Planning Team.

[email protected]

31 October 2018 Review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations

The Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places will assess the suitability of those currently used in Stockton Borough, as well as their accessibility and facilities for voters.

The statutory review is required by the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013.

Residents, electors and individuals or organisations with expertise in access for people with disabilities were invited to comment.

The Council also wanted to hear suggestions for alternative places that may be used as polling places, particularly where a mobile station is currently used.

On 12 December 2018, full Council approved new polling districts and places as set out below:

Details of the outcome, the reasons for choosing the particular polling district and polling place, and all correspondence relating to the review is also available for inspection at the Council Offices, Municipal Buildings, Church Road, Stockton on Tees.

8 October 2018 Selective Licensing Consultation

Stockton-on-tees Borough Council is considering introducing a Selective Licensing designation which will cover two areas of the Borough, in Central Stockton and North Thornaby. 

Before introducing Selective Licensing, the Council must undertake extensive consultation with residents, businesses, landlords and their managing agents and other stakeholders about the proposal.


The decision to proceed with Selective Licensing has at this time been postponed to allow for further discussion with private sector housing landlords regarding alternative options to address those issues identified during the Selective Licensing consultation.

A significant number of replies were received and the views and comments received from residents and local community members are now actively shaping local initiatives in the Central Stockton and North Thornaby areas.

4 May 2018 Housing Strategy and Homeless Reduction Strategy

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s Housing Strategy 2018-23 is a framework setting out how the Council will address the key housing challenges that face us in the coming years.

The proposed draft strategy has three key objectives:

  • Maximising Housing Growth and Increasing Choice
  • Stronger Communities
  • Meeting Housing Needs and Supporting Vulnerable People We are seeking the views of all our partners and stakeholders involved in housing: Residents, Council Members, Registered Providers, Developers, Private Landlords and Voluntary and Community groups.

Alongside the Housing Strategy 2018-23 the Council is also seeking views on the Priorities and Actions for its emerging Homelessness Reduction Strategy 2018-23.

The Council has recently adopted an updated ‘Housing Strategy’ and its first ‘Homelessness Reduction and Prevention Strategy’. 

The findings of this consultation exercise influenced the development of both strategies and their accompanying actions plans. Both documents can be viewed below:

21 January 2018 Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

The Stockton-on-Tees Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) published its first Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) on 25 March 2015, in accordance with the statutory duty to do so by 1st April 2015, this followed the PNA published by the former Primary Care Trust in 2011.

In accordance to 2013 regulations each local PNA must be maintained by the HWB. It is important that the PNA continues to accurately reflect the pharmaceutical needs of our population when NHS England, and other commissioners, are using them to make decisions about the pharmaceutical services, or equivalent, available in our local area.

It is very important to understand the views of both members of the public and stakeholders who use local pharmaceutical services, or who may represent the views of their patients/ service users.

 As a result of the consultation on local pharmaceutical services the information gathered supported the development of an updated Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment is a document which identifies local pharmaceutical provision within the Borough.

The document was published by the Health & Wellbeing board in March 2018.

The publication has been developed in accordance with 2013 NHS regulations and can be utilised to support decision making for future pharmaceutical services.

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment and more Information can be found on our Health and Wellbeing Board webpage.