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Stockton North and South 2019 Parliamentary Election Results

Friday, December 13, 2019

count hall

In the December 2019 Parliamentary election Labour held the Stockton North seat and the Conservative Party gained the Stockton South seat.

The results in Stockton North were as follows:

Mark Gideon Burdon

The North East Party


Alex Cunningham

Labour Party

17,728 ELECTED

Steven Paul Jackson

The Conservative Party Candidate


Aidan King

Liberal Democrat


Martin Andrew Walker

Brexit Party


Alex Cunningham is therefore duly elected as Member of Parliament for the Stockton North constituency. The turnout was 61.9 percent.

The results in Stockton South were as follows: 

Brendan Michael William Devlin

Liberal Democrat


John Richard James Prescott

Brexit Party


Matt Vickers

The Conservative Party Candidate

27,764 ELECTED

Paul Daniel Williams

Labour Party


Matt Vickers is therefore duly elected as Member of Parliament for the Stockton South constituency. The turnout was 71.5 percent.

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