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Stockton North and South Parliamentary Election Results

Friday, May 8, 2015

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In the 2015 Parliamentary elections the Labour Party held the Stockton North seat and the Conservative Party held the Stockton South seat.




The results in Stockton North were as follows: 

BOYLETT Mandy Susan  

UK Independence Party (UKIP 

CUNNINGHAM Alex      Labour Party    19,436
DANIELS Christopher John   The Conservative Party 11,069
SYCAMORE Anthony Richard Adrian  Liberal Democrats 884
TAIT John The North East Party  601


Alex Cunningham is therefore duly elected as Member of Parliament for the Stockton North constituency. The turnout was 60.16%.


The results in Stockton South were as follows:

BALDOCK Louise Labour and Co-operative Party  19,175
DURNING Drew Liberal Democrats 1,366
LOVELL Jacqui The Green Party 952
STRIKE Ted UK Independence Party (UKIP) 5,480
WALMSLEY Steve Independents Against Social Injustice 603
WHARTON James Stephen The Conservative Party 24,221 


James Wharton is therefore duly elected as Member of Parliament for the Stockton South constituency. The turnout was 69.16%.


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