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New seedlings signal the future for Wynyard Woodland Park

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

wynyard woodland park

A major project to help protect and conserve one of the Stockton Borough's much loved country parks is a step nearer completion.

Stockton Council has been working in partnership with the Forestry Commission on a scheme to encourage Wynyard Woodland Park's native ancient semi-natural woodland habitat to regenerate.

The project has seen the non-native conifer trees such as pines, spruces and firs which were planted in the 1960s removed. In their place the woodland will regenerate with native deciduous trees such as oak, ash, elm and birch.

To give nature a helping hand, the planting of oak trees has now started within Tilery and Brierley Wood.

Stockton Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor David Rose, said: "Wynyard Woodland Park is a beautiful and popular place. It is a favourite among residents and visitors alike and we want to conserve it for generations to come.

"The non-native conifer trees were limiting the growth of the native deciduous forest trees so now that the pines, spruces and firs have been felled we are ready to plant the new seedlings to grow in their place.

"As well as restoring much of Tilery and Brierley Wood back to its native deciduous woodland the introduction of greater numbers of deciduous trees will bring benefits - boosting the local flora and fauna and improving habitats for animals, birds and insects and providing opportunities to open up different areas of the park for the public to enjoy."

For further information about the scheme visit our Wynyard Woodland Park page.

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