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Oven Pride: product safety warning

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stockton Council’s Trading Standards service is alerting residents that bottles of Oven Pride cleaner with inadequate child proof caps may be on sale in the area.

In 2012, the product’s manufacturer Robert McBride Ltd issued a safety notice about unofficial Oven Pride and BBQ Pride products being sold in the North East.

These products were recalled but there are reports that some have recently been sold at a market in the region and also by door to door sellers.

Products bought from large national retailers, such as supermarket chains, are not affected.

Councillor Steve Nelson, Stockton Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety, said: “The ‘unofficial’ product is easy to identify by checking the labels on the box and on the bottle itself.

“If the product’s box does not have a yellow warning label on the top and a black warning label on the side it is unofficial. If the bottle itself does not have a yellow warning label on the side it is unofficial.

“We would strongly urge anybody who has one of these products in their home to keep it locked away and out of reach of children before contacting the manufacturer to report it.”

Anybody who has an unofficial Oven Pride product should contact the Oven Pride helpline on 0845 605 2981 or email: [email protected] Alternatively, contact Stockton Council’s Trading Standards team on 01642 526 560.

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