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Yarm leaflet 'nonsense', Council warns

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stockton Council has warned motorists that it could prove costly to follow advice in a leaflet claiming parking regulations in Yarm are illegal. 

Copies of the leaflet, which has a red cover and the title "Parking Tickets In Yarm - What To Do If You Get One", have recently been found in shops and on car windscreens in the town.

They claim to give advice on how to appeal parking tickets issued in parts of Yarm High Street on the grounds that they have not been lawfully placed.

However, in recent rulings, the independent Traffic Penalty Tribunal dismissed two test cases, supporting Stockton Council's case that the Traffic Regulation Order regulating parking on the High Street is valid and the markings and signage supporting it are adequate.

Councillor Mike Smith, Stockton Council's Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport, said: "Not only is this anonymous leaflet nonsense, it is malicious, irresponsible and could end up costing people money.

"The Tribunal's rulings were absolutely clear - the current disc system is lawful.

"Anyone who follows the so-called advice contained in the leaflet risks having to pay double the penalty they would otherwise need to, not to mention wasting a huge amount of their own and others' time.

"A number of people have contacted us, all very concerned about what it says, and we have had to advise them to ignore it.

"We are always happy to give people good advice on how to appeal a parking Fixed Penalty Notice and we even print the information on the ticket itself.

"However, the grounds suggested in this leaflet are completely spurious."

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