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Waiting restrictions but no bus lane for Junction Road

Friday, March 02, 2012

Stockton Council is to draw up plans to free up traffic on Junction Road, Norton, by restricting waiting near its junction with Station Road.

But, following local consultation, a bus lane originally proposed to speed up public transport journeys will not now go ahead.

The area has suffered from considerable congestion for some years and the moves were designed as part of the £57 million Tees Valley Bus Network Improvement project, funded by the Government, local councils and developers to make lasting improvements to the area's bus network.

It would have run southbound along Junction Road between Ashville Avenue and Station Road. However, during consultation with local residents led by the local elected Councillors, a number of issues were identified. These included anticipated changes in traffic due to the relocation of both the North Shore Health Academy and Red House School, along with the proposed new hospital, which are likely to reduce the future need for the bus lane.

Some residents also felt the width of the road and difficulties in turning into and out of side roads were issues.

In light of issues raised by residents, the Council has reviewed the proposals and traffic engineers will now draw up detailed designs for the waiting restrictions. If these proceed, they will operate during peak traffic hours only around the junction of Station Road and Junction Road to improve local traffic flow. Further consultation will take place on the new plans.

Councillor Mike Smith, Stockton Council's Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport, said: "We have listened to residents' views and taken on board their suggestions. We do take each case on its merits and I hope the revised plans will help improve traffic congestion in this area.

"I particularly salute the work of the local Ward Councillors and local community in helping with this consultation."

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