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Tribunal adjudicator throws out Yarm parking appeal

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doubts over the legality of a disc parking scheme in Yarm High Street have been ended after an independent parking adjudicator dismissed an appeal against an earlier ruling.

The latest ruling, by an adjudicator with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal in Manchester, comprehensively dismisses all the points put forward on behalf of the appellant.

Earlier this month, the Traffic Penalty Tribunal had dismissed an appeal against a ticket issued on 27 September last year after a motorist overstayed the permitted period. The motorist had claimed there was no valid Traffic Regulation Order which allows parking enforcement in the disc zone and the layout and signage did not comply with the regulations but the adjudicator had ruled that such an Order had been in place since 1998.

However, when the motorist appealed against the decision, adjudicator Stephen Knapp gave a detailed nine-page ruling which found no merit in any of the arguments put forward in the appeal.

He found no evidence that procedures for making the Traffic Regulation Order had not been followed, ruling that the Order is supported by a valid plan of the parking layout and that the signs displayed and bay markings are adequate to enforce the restrictions in place.

Councillor Mike Smith, Stockton Council's Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport, welcomed the decision. He said: "This judgement could not be clearer. Case history required the markings and signage to be sufficient for the motorist to understand them. This is the case in Yarm.

"We have always been satisfied that the markings and signage were adequate and that the Order is valid. The ruling from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal supports this.

"Sadly, because the Tribunal rarely awards costs, the burden of these challenges will now fall on local Council Tax payers. I sincerely hope this will put an end to all suggestions that the current scheme is not valid and there are no further spurious appeals against parking tickets in Yarm.

"We will now be forwarding a copy of the Tribunal's judgment to Cleveland Police, Yarm Chamber of Trade and Yarm Town Council and I firmly believe it fully resolves all the issues the police have been asked to investigate."

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