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Mother and daughter share fostering passion

Friday, March 16, 2012

Jan and Lisa share a special mother-daughter relationship as Lisa follows in her mother's footsteps and is one step closer to becoming a foster carer.

Lisa and her sister were adopted by Jan and Brian 26 years ago. Jan and Brian are also foster carers and Lisa is keen to follow in her mum's footsteps and has now applied to become a foster carer for Stockton Council.

Jan and Brian first heard about fostering when they were looking into becoming adoptive parents. The couple decided they would also like to foster children and, happily for them, they ended up doing both.

One of their foster placements was Lisa and her sister. However, very soon it became evident that the girls did need an adoptive family. Jan and Brian felt very much that they could be the right adoptive family for the girls and feel lucky that everyone agreed with them.

Jan says: "As soon as the girls arrived we welcomed them as part of the family and loved the experience."

After Jan and Brian adopted the girls they continued to be foster carers for babies and became experienced in preparing children to move on to adoptive families.

Lisa really enjoyed having other children in the house. She says: "I used to get really excited when I knew Mum was getting a new baby. I would race home from school to see the baby and help my Mum out."

Jan and Brian have gone on to foster more than 20 children, many of them while Lisa was still living at home with them.

Lisa says: "I knew from an early age that I wanted to foster like my Mum and Dad as I always wanted to work with children and I had a good understanding of what fostering involved."

Lisa is now married with three daughters. Her youngest daughter is two years old so she feels that now is a right time for her family to begin fostering.

Lisa says: "I wanted to wait until my youngest daughter was at nursery to begin the assessment process. As I had the experience of my parents fostering I understood what the process entailed and what to expect so I wasn’t fazed by the assessment."

Lisa is really looking forward to finishing the assessment and becoming an approved foster carer.

She says: "It is comforting to know my Mum is on hand for support when I start fostering, as she has so much experience. I hope I can support her as well."

Jan is keen to encourage more people to consider fostering: "I wish I had started fostering earlier as I have loved every minute of it. It is so rewarding to see the difference in the children from when they first come to live with us to when they move into their adoptive placement."

Stockton Council's adoption service has also recently been judged 'outstanding' in an inspection carried out by Government watchdog Ofsted.

If you would like more information about fostering and adoption call Stockton Council’s Child Placement team on (01642) 526218 or visit or

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