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Stockton's bid to help veteran's health

Monday, January 18, 2010

A BID by Stockton and other North East Councils, to help meet the health needs of the region's veterans and their families, has received national backing.

The Centre for Public Scrutiny, using funding from the Department of Health, will provide cash and expert advice for the project, launched last month by the health overview and scrutiny committees from all 12 of the local authorities in North East England.

Councillors met on Tuesday, 12 January to receive the good news and make plans.

The study will examine the physical, mental and broader health needs of ex-servicemen and women and their families and assess how they are being met by a range of agencies at a local and national level, as well as how aware they are of those services.

Councillor Ann Cains, Chair of Stockton Council's Health Select Committee and member of the project board overseeing the work, said: "There is a wide range of different needs across the community of veterans. We know younger veterans are almost four times more likely than other people of the same age to suffer from stress, anxiety and similar problems.

"Estimates also suggest there will be a three-fold increase in the number of ex-servicemen over 85 by 2020. All these different people must be assured their health needs are being assessed and properly met.

"We are very pleased to receive national support for this important work."