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No cockroaches here!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

AN environmental health study shows that none of Stockton's Asian food businesses were affected by infestation from the German cockroach following problems at a Darlington food supply business in October.

Stockton Council's Environmental Health officers took action to check all the Asian restaurants, takeaways, food stores and Cash and Carry premises in the Borough over the past six weeks.

Their investigation came after colleagues in Darlington found thousands of the invasive insects at the supplier which, in turn, prompted the temporary closure of several other food premises across the Tees Valley.

Councillor Steve Nelson, Stockton Council's Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety, said: "People have a right to expect that their food is prepared hygienically, so I'm sure diners in Stockton will be reassured that no businesses here were affected.

"Because the business concerned supplied restaurants and shops across the region, the only way to be sure our local Asian food businesses were safe was for our officers to check each outlet individually.

"They wrote to local food businesses with advice, before inspecting each in turn and laying and checking cockroach traps. It was a major operation but I'm pleased they found no evidence of any infestations in Stockton."

The officers were particularly looking for evidence of the German cockroach - which is actually from Asia. These have wings but cannot fly and, although they like starch, sugars, grease and meats they are also known to eat soap, glue and toothpaste.