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Housing Strategy 2018 to 2023


Housing Strategy 2018-23

This Housing Strategy is a framework for how we will address the challenges that face us, and is designed to be used to inform officers and members about the strategy for Housing Services, and to give our partners a clear sense of our approach, our priorities and our ways of working.

The Council Plan 2018-21: policy priorities

This Strategy sets out a single strategy for Housing Services and has been prepared with regard to the Council's policy principles and overall visions. The Council has to take decisions about the basis on which services will be delivered within the resources available, taking account of a number of factors such as reduced budget allocation, changing demographics, increasing demand, new national legislation and policy direction.

The following four policy principles support our decision making.

1. Protecting the vulnerable through targeted intervention

  • People who are subject to or at risk of harm
  • People who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless
  • People who are financially excluded
  • People whose circumstances make them vulnerable

2. Creating economic prosperity

3. Promoting equality of opportunity through targeted intervention

  • Tackling health inequalities
  • Meeting the skills gap
  • Improving access to job opportunities
  • Tacking fuel poverty
  • Improving education and training opportunities
  • Improving access to affordable housing
  • Financial and digital inclusion

4. Developing strong and health communities

  • Providing mainstream services that are available where needed
  • Providing preventive services that are available where needed