Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for our places and open spaces

Environment and Housing

Big plans for our places and open spaces

We want people to be proud of our Borough

Council and social housing

Information about social housing in the Borough

Waste collection and recycling

Information about our waste collection and recycling services

Litter, street cleaning and fly-tipping

Information about our litter and street cleaning services, including how to report fly-tipping

Environmental Health

Environmental protection, safety, public nuisance and animal health and welfare services

Help for private tenants

Help and advice for people renting a property from a private landlord

Help with home ownership

Information and advice to home owners and information on schemes to help you become a homeowner

Housing Benefit

Information about the benefits that help people on a low income to pay their rent


If you are homeless, or about to become homeless, help is available

Mobile homes and caravan parks

Information about licensing of caravan sites and details of sites for the travelling community

Planning and Building Control

Details of all our Planning and Building Control services

Housing regeneration schemes

Details of our exciting housing regeneration schemes located throughout the Stockton Borough

Climate, Carbon and Energy

Information about work to help improve the local, national and global environment


Information about our work to ensure long term protection from flooding

Local Land Charges Register and Searches

Land Charges Register, searches of the Register and find out about ownership of Council land

Support for owners of empty homes

Find out what schemes we have in place to reduce empty homes within the Stockton Borough

Back on Track scheme

The Back on Track scheme supports people in crisis situations and replaces the Social Fund