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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Waste collections from your home

waste collection

Domestic waste collection arrangements

We operate a weekly collection service of non-recyclable household waste.

We collect waste from domestic properties across the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees on a designated day (from Tuesday through to Friday) each week. There are no changes to refuse collection arrangements following Bank Holiday Mondays.

On rare occasions bins are missed for collection. You can report a missed bin in a number of ways.



Please ensure that you have your wheeled bins out at the kerbside before 7am on the morning of collection, and remove them as soon as you can once they have been emptied.


Christmas Refuse & Recycling Days/Dates

Please see below changes to Refuse and Recycling Collections over the Christmas Period.  

Normal Collection Day                        Revised Collection Day

Tuesday 26th December                        Wednesday 27th December

Wednesday 27th December                   Thursday 28th December

Thursday 28th December                       Friday 29th December

Friday 29th December                           Saturday 30th December

Collections will return to normal on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.


Christmas Trees -  will be collected week commencing Tuesday 9th January on your normal refuse collection day.


Green, wheeled bin scheme and replacement wheeled bins

Most domestic properties are supplied with a green, wheeled bin for the storage of waste.

Newly-built properties will be supplied with a green, wheeled bin free-of-charge. We aim to deliver bins within 2 – 4 weeks of a request being made (subject to availability).

  • A replacement wheeled bin will cost £25 each including VAT and delivery.


Missed bins and other issues with your household waste collection

We aim to collect every wheeled bin and recycling container which is placed out properly on the appropriate day. However, bins are occasionally missed, which can be for a few reasons including:

  • Left out on the wrong day
  • Left out after the collections have been made (please ensure your bin/recycling is placed for collection by 7am on the morning of you collection day regardless of the time your collection usually takes place as collection times can vary)
  • Left in the wrong place
  • Overfilled/dangerous
  • More than one bin left out. Please note: We operate a ‘one wheeled bin per household’ policy. Any second bins will not be emptied.
  • Human error
  • Environmental factors such as snow blocking the routes or extreme weather making collections dangerous

You can report a missed bin online or by emailing, by calling 01642 391959 or using the form below. We seek to collect any legitimately missed bin within 24 hours of receipt of the report.


Request a larger green, wheeled bin

We will only empty one green, wheeled bin per household and will no longer take any side waste.

We realise that larger families produce more waste, so we offer these households the use of a larger green, wheeled bin.

If you think you need a larger bin please contact us and we will arrange for a needs assessment application form to be sent to you.


Black bag scheme for domestic waste

In some areas a 'black bag' scheme is in operation. Properties are supplied with 52 black bags once a year in January.


Help putting your waste and recycling out for collection

We offer an assisted collection service for those customers who are unable to move their green, wheeled bin to the collection point and where there are no other able bodied persons available to assist.

  • Contact the Care for your Area team on 01642 391959 or email: to advise that you need help putting waste and recycling out for collection.