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How to submit your planning application


We only accept the national standard planning application forms. They have been introduced nationally to standardise and simplify the planning application process. The forms replace all previous versions of planning application forms and will become the only legal way of submitting a planning application.

Please note that there are a number of validation checks that you need to make sure you have complied with to avoid your application being treated as invalid, visit the validation checks section.

View tips for naming your supporting documents to get your application validated quicker.


Apply online

Registration is easy and you can complete your application form, upload supporting documents and pay fees online.

                               Apply online for a Planning Application                               

The benefits of applying online include:

  • You can work on your application in draft before submission
  • Immediate delivery and acknowledgement
  • Savings on postage and printing costs
  • Online record of your completed applications

Please note a planning application cannot be progressed until all the necessary supporting information and appropriate fee is received.

If your online Planning Portal submission is invalid, you should make any changes or submit additional information using this link.


Apply by email or post

You can download the Planning application forms from the Planning Portal, known as 1APP paper forms. These forms are submitted by email or in paper form.

                                 Download Planning Application Forms                             


Application Forms and Guidance Notes

The following application forms are not currently available on the Planning Portal, you can complete these forms and submit them by email or in paper form.

Hazardous Substance Consent

Articles to Serve Notice 


Redacting of information

In order to comply with Data Protection Legislation, there is certain personal information contained within planning and building control documents that, prior to being published on the Councils Public Access system, must be concealed. This process is known as redacting.

Further information can be found on the Redacting Information Procedure.