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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for our places and open spaces

Litter, street cleaning and fly-tipping


We take great pride in keeping Stockton Borough a clean and pleasant place to live and visit.


What we do

  • All residential streets receive a litter-picking visit every week and a mechanical sweeper every four weeks.
  • Main shopping areas are cleaned more often with Stockton High Street, Billingham and Thornaby Town Centre being cleaned after each market day.
  • We carry out other works to keep the Borough tidy including weed spraying, strimming overgrown vegetation and clearing becks.
  • We remove graffiti although the service is chargeable if the graffiti is on private property. We will respond to any additional cleansing requests that we receive and in most cases complete the job within 48 hours.
  • We will issue an instant fine of £70 to anyone found littering. 
  • We will remove rubbish that is dumped on the public highway, including Parks and Open Spaces. We can remove waste from private property although we can only do this with the permission of the owner and a charge would be levied. We aim to remove dumped rubbish within 24 hours, although where a large amount of waste has been dumped, we may need to programme the work, which may take a while longer to arrange (e.g. if specialised vehicles are required for the task.)
  • We aim to respond to requests for the removal of needles and syringes within two hours. Please do not pick up needles and syringes or anything else related to drugs, unless it poses an immediate danger to you or other residents.

  • You can contact us to remove the items on 01642 391959 (the line is open till 5:30pm Monday to Friday) and you can call the Out of Hours Emergency number on 01642 618946. 



We will take action against anyone found to be dumping rubbish. The maximum penalty for fly tipping can be a fine of up to £50,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment if the case were to go to Court, although we can issue a fixed penalty fine of £2,500 for fly-tipping.

The law imposes a duty on Householders to ensure that waste is disposed of properly and that the people we give our waste to also dispose of it in a proper and safe way.

You can report litter and fly-tipping or get in touch with us using one of the methods below: 


How you can help

If you see anyone dumping rubbish you should contact us immediately and our Enforcement Officer will investigate.

We offer advice and practical assistance to local residents groups, community associations or schools who are planning to carry out a litter pick or tidy-up event.

You can find more information or get in touch with us using one of the methods below: 

  • Contact the Care for your Area team on 01642 391959 or email: to ask for ask for help with your litter pick or tidy-up event.