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Big plans for our places and open spaces

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North Thornaby Community Partnership

We’ve brought together a partnership of the council, police, fire brigade, big landlords like Thirteen and voluntary organisations and together we’re throwing our considerable weight behind one very simple aim – to work with you to make North Thornaby a better place to live.

You might have seen or heard about one of our recent community clean-up days in your area and be wondering what it’s all about. There was all kinds of litter picking, weed clearing and street cleaning going on.

We’ve also been holding coffee mornings and knocking on doors offering information and advice on everything from welfare and benefits to worries around private rented properties.


We need your help

But this isn’t just about us. It’s about you too. One of the great things about the community clean-up days has been seeing local people like you working side by side with us.

We need your help, but we also understand that we need to earn your trust. The kinds of things we’ve been doing so far are just the start, and there’ll be much more of the same in the weeks, months and years ahead.


How you can get involved

There’s all kinds of ways to get involved:

  • Come to one of our coffee mornings
  • Join in our next community clean-up day
  • Tell us about the problems you want us to deal with


How to get in touch

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01642 526 245


Targeted Action Area

This is a map and list of streets in the North Thornaby Area that are included in the Targeted Action Area.


 Anderson Road  Balmoral Avenue  Barker Road
 Barnard Close  Belvedere Road  Camelon Street
 Charles Street  Chelmsford Street  Cheltenham Avenue
 Cobden Street  Cranworth Green  Cranworth Street
 Cromwell Terrace  Cuthbert Close  Derby Close
 Easton Street  Eldon Street  Elizabeth Street
 Ellerburne Street  Eric Avenue  Falkirk Street
 Georgiana Close  Hartington Close  Havelock Street
 Henley Grove  Henrietta Close  Holyrood Close
 Ian Street  King Street  Langley Avenue
 Mansfield Avenue  Park Avenue  Park Terrace
 Peel Street  Roseberry View  Salisbury Street
 Sandringham Road  Scarborough Street  Spring Close
 St Luke's Avenue  Stainsby Street  Stanley Close
 Stranton Street  Teesdale Terrace  The Avenue
 Heslop Street  Crosby Walk  Francis Walk
 Russell Walk  Palmerston Court  Cardwell Walk
 Derby Terrace  Eldon Walk  St Cuthbert Court