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Housing Services provide support, advice, and information to help residents, tenants, and landlords residing, or looking to move to the Borough, access the most appropriate accommodation to meet their individual needs through informed choices. 

Contained within these pages you will find advice, guidance, and support for anyone seeking accommodation, as well as information and assistance for anyone seeking to own, part own or privately let accommodation within the Borough.

There is also information and advice about minimum housing standards, including obligations upon both private landlords and tenants to maintain housing standards and a range of services to address poor housing conditions. This includes targeted financial assistance to improve housing standards, meet housing costs through housing benefit, and the availability of grant funding support for some disabled customers. 

Please see below for further details: 

Affordable Home ownership Schemes  Grant and loan assistance for vulnerable customers Home Improvement assistance and Disabled Facilities Grants  Houses in Multiple Occupation Housing Benefit Housing Regeneration Schemes 
Homelessness and Housing Solutions Mobile Homes and Caravan Parks Private Rented Housing Report a Rough Sleeper Social Housing Support For Owners Of Empty Homes


Targeted Action 

Stockton Council is working on a new project in Central Stockton and North Thornaby, we call it Targeted Action. 

We’ve brought together a partnership of the Stockton Council, Cleveland Police, Cleveland Fire Brigade, social landlords such as Thirteen and other voluntary organisations. Together, we’re throwing our considerable weight behind one very simple aim – to work with you to make North Thornaby and Central Stockton better places to live. 

For more information on Targeted Action please view the following webpages: 

 To get involved in the scheme please email [email protected]


What is the current position?

The proposal went to public consultation at the end of last year.

The consultation has now closed and the information gathered will be brought together in a publically accessible document. As part of the consultation process The Council gave a commitment to ensuring that each representation made during the consultation period is taken into consideration in accordance with Government guidelines.

The council received a response from a collaborative group of private landlords and has entered into collaborative meetings with a new organisation called PLuSS (Private Landlords Supporting Stockton) who have proposed an alternative to Selective Licensing.

In response to the above, the decision to progress with Selective Licensing of private rented housing in Central Stockton and North Thornaby has at this time been postponed, this will allow for a period of positive engagement with private sector landlords (via the PLuSS partnership) to explore potential alternative options.

Once this process has concluded a report will be presented to a future Cabinet meeting (it is anticipated that a update with will presented to the Councils Cabinet in September 2019).


Emergency Duty Team

If you require emergency out of hours assistance please telephone the Emergency Duty Team.

Telephone01642 524552

5pm - 8.30am Monday - Thursday, 4.30pm Friday and all day weekends (including bank holidays).