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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for our places and open spaces

Grass cutting, weeds, hedges and trees


We do our very best to ensure that council owned or adopted parks and open space are kept in great condition with regular grass cutting, weed management and planting schemes. We also take care of trees and woodland stock in public areas.


Grass cutting, overgrown hedges and weeding

Our grass cutting programme runs from the beginning of April and continues through to the end of October.

Weed spraying around obstacles such as lamp columns and signs takes place between April to October.

Chemical treatment of weeds on hard standing and paved areas starts in April and continues through to the end of October. Due to Government legislation Local Authorities can no longer use residual weedkiller on hard surfaces to prevent weed growth. Weeds now have to be evident prior to treatment which we appreciate can look unsightly.

Winter maintenance work consisting of pruning shrub beds and hedges runs from the beginning of November through to the end of March. Edging of grass verges has also been carried out across the Borough.

Tree work will continue throughout the year. During the winter months we have planted  around 150 trees.

            Report a problem with grassed areas, high hedges or weeds in a public area          


Giant hogweed

Giant hogweed is a non-native invasive species that has been around for years – the treatment of it is the responsibility of the landowner.

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council undertakes an annual chemical treatment programme on areas of Council-owned land across the Borough and on the Public Rights of Way network. This takes place in late Spring, when the plant is just starting to show, and it can take two to three years of repeated treatments to kill the plant.

We also respond to reports from members of the public – if the report relates to an area of Council-owned land we will carry out an inspection and follow-up with any necessary treatment and add the land to our annual treatment programme.

Where we know that there is giant hogweed on private land in the vicinity of the river, we refer this to the Tees Rivers Trust, an environmental charity which undertakes a chemical treatment programme of its own. We also offer advice to private land owners who have problems relating to giant hogweed. 

To report a giant hogweed problem, or to seek advice on how to treat it, please contact our Customer Services on 01642 391959.


Trees in public areas

The management of the Council's tree and woodland stock is co-ordinated by our team of qualified Arborists.

Our aim is to ensure a high standard of tree care and maintenance in line with arboricultural best practices and to promote sustainable tree management.

This includes undertaking regular surveys and inspections of trees, annual tree maintenance programmes and planting of new trees.

We also give general advice to the public on the management of trees:


                    Report concerns about council-owned trees in your area online