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Countryside and greenspaces


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Green Infrastructure includes trees, woodlands, parks, green spaces, rivers, streams, allotments, footpaths, wildlife areas and much more.

Green Infrastructure is important to us all. It provides places for play and exercise; spaces to grow food; attractive environments to live and work; 'green routes' for walking and cycling; and areas for wildlife.

Green Infrastructure helps to provide us with clean air and water, and in the future it will play an essential role in helping us adapt to climate change, for example, by cooling our towns and reducing the risk of flooding.


Green Infrastructure Strategy

To gain the maximum benefits from our green infrastructure it needs to be planned and managed.  To help us achieve that several organisations worked together to prepare the  Stockton-on-Tees Green Infrastructure Strategy (2011).   This sets out how, through the future development and management of the Borough’s green infrastructure network, we can make the Borough an even better place to live, work and visit. 

View the Stockton-on-Tees Green Infrastructure Strategy.


Green Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The Green Infrastructure Delivery Plan sets out details of how the Borough’s Green Infrastructure Strategy will be implemented.    

It identifies a wide range of ‘Active Projects’ and ‘Outline Proposals’ under the following themes:

a)    Countryside sites / natural environment

b)    Urban parks and amenity green space

c)    Play and informal sport

d)    Community food 

e)    Access  

f)     Cemeteries

View the Green Infrastructure Delivery Plan.