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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Which roads are gritted?


It is not practicable to treat every road in the borough but we do aim to keep main routes clear so that there is minimum disruption to people travelling to and from work. 

View a map showing the main gritting routes.


How we decide which roads should be gritted first

We have divided our road network into three categories for gritting purposes:

Priority 1 routes are gritted every time it is decided treatment is necessary. Priority 1 routes include:

  • all major roads
  • important bus routes
  • busy commuter routes
  • roads leading to emergency services facilities, industrial estates and outlying communities

Priority 2 routes are gritted only during extreme and prolonged icy conditions, only during the day, only if access is practicable for the gritters and only when all Priority 1 routes are clear.

Priority 2 routes include:

  • other bus routes
  • certain areas on refuse collection routes
  • other commuter routes

Priority 3 roads will only be treated when all Priority 1 and Priority 2 routes have been gritted, if grit stocks are good and when our resources allow.

Priority 3 roads are:

  • all roads not listed as Priority 1 or Priority 2 routes


Gritting the A19 and A66

Stockton Council does not provide a gritting service for the A19 and the A66. These roads are maintained by Highways England.

To report a problem with gritting on the A19 and A66 (between the A19 and Teesside Park Interchange) telephone: Autolink 01642 560538.

To report a problem with gritting on the A66 (between Teesside Park Interchange and the borough boundary west of Long Newton) telephone: Highways England 0300 123 5000.


Gritting in areas outside Stockton Borough

There are cross boundary arrangements in place with neighbouring authorities. This means that local councils agree to treat certain stretches of road within their neighbour's area at the boundary edges. This will explain why you may spot a Hartlepool Council gritter on the A178 Seaton Carew Road or a Stockton Council gritter in Sadberge.