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Gritting and snow clearing

gritting lorries

Gritting and snow clearance are services that form part of our winter maintenance plan, helping to minimise delays and accidents caused by frost, ice and snow.

Our winter maintenance gritting crews are on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week from October until late April - including Christmas and New Year's Day - ready to treat the roads whenever frost and snow is forecast.

In severe weather, our priority is to keep open all major routes and roads serving emergency facilities and outlying communities. However, local conditions, snow depth and traffic will all impact on this work.

Severe winter conditions can cause disruption to school transport services and those who use these facilities should check this website and local media for updates.

The Government and Met Office also offer information on winter weather.


Which roads are gritted?

Take a look at our dedicated page, outlining which roads are gritted and why.


What we use to keep the roads clear

Although we call it grit, the product we actually spread on our roads and footpaths is rock salt.  The salt works by lowering the freezing point of moisture on the road surface so it has to become colder before ice will form.

Before salt can become effective it needs to be crushed by traffic and dissolved into solution.


Where our grit comes from

We use locally mined rock salt from Boulby Mine and our stockpile has been topped up ready for the coming winter.


How we decide when to grit roads

From October to April we receive daily weather forecasts from MeteoGroup UK (our weather forecast provider). The gritters are ready to swing into action at any time, day or night, and once we are notified of potential frost, ice or snow they will be out gritting before the bad weather arrives.

Though most of our gritting takes place at night and early morning when frost tends to occur, the exact timing and frequency of our gritting actions depends upon the onset and severity of the weather.

Find out what the weather forecast is today (Met Office)


How you find out when we are gritting

During winter weather we provide gritting updates every time the gritters go out. Gritting updates can be accessed via our social media channels. You don't need to hold a Twitter or Facebook account of your own to access this information.

View our Facebook and Twitter pages.