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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for an outstanding Borough

Supplementary Documents


A number of supplementary documents have been prepared for specific areas or topics to help applicants understand the policies in the adopted development plan. These are Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs).


Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)


Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

Affordable Housing SPD

 Conservation and Historic Environment Folder SPD

 Open Space, Recreation and Landscaping SPD

Assessment calculators are available and are based on the information contained within the Open Space, Recreation and Landscaping SPD. Final requirements for open space and built facility contributions will be agreed with the Case Officer as part of the planning application process.

Numerous sections of the Planning Obligations SPD have been superseded by changes to national policy, updates to local policy and other more recently adopted SPDs.

  • For parking and transport view:

* Parking Provision for Developments SPD

* Core Strategy policies CS2 and CS11

  • For waste management view:

* Sustainable Design Guide SPD

* Core Strategy policy CS3

Delivery Framework Documents

These are prepared for specific areas of the Borough to guide the delivery of development. We have prepared a Masterplan for the Yarm Back Lane and Harrowgate Lane which will form a strategic urban extension to the Borough.