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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Financial assistance and support for business

doing business

Stockton Council provides help and support to businesses in the Borough.  We are driving projects and providing services which will bring economic prosperity and create jobs. 


Financial Assistance

Stockton Town Centre Financial Incentive Scheme

Package of support to help businesses locate within Stockton Town Centre. For more information on these schemes, please contact the Business & Enterprise Team on (01642) 528384.

Stockton Town Centre Retail Grant

A grant of up to £5,000 is available to eligible business at the discretion of the Council, subject to an appraisal process.

The grant is available to new businesses occupying vacant premises within the area of Stockton Town Centre. Existing businesses are eligible if they are expanding and demonstrating growth and are taking a new lease on a vacant property.

The grant, where appropriate will be linked to a Business Rate Discount Scheme (BRDS) application. This grant and BRDS will be assessed as a single financial package.

Stockton Town Centre Retail Grant Scheme Guidance Notes

Application Form


Stockton Town Centre Shop Frontage Scheme

A grant is available to existing businesses within the area of Stockton Town Centre to improve the frontage of their premises and help continue to raise the overall quality and image of the area. A grant of up to £500 is available to existing retailers in Stockton Town Centre to contribute to improving the frontage of their property. This may include new signage, painting and/or general improvements.

Application Form


Enterprise Retail Support

B Supplied Ltd have been appointed to deliver Stockton Borough Council’s Retail Business Support contract in until 31 March 2019. The project supports and assists the independent retail sector within Stockton Town Centre. The aim of this contract is to recognise the importance of further developing start-up retail businesses in Stockton Town Centre, as well as supporting the ongoing needs of the existing retailers. It also ensures the successful operation of the Stockton Enterprise Arcade.

What it can offer:

- Retail Start-up – full start-up service available help to start-up a new business in Stockton Town Centre.

- Mentoring – mentoring and support service available to help support existing retailers within Stockton Town Centre.

- Stockton Enterprise Arcade –day to day management of building as well as identification and sourcing of new tenants. B Supplied provide a complete support role to tenants of the building.

For further information on the above, please contact B Supplied on (01642) 605198 or [email protected]


Grants for Heritage Buildings

The Council’s ‘Grants for Heritage Buildings’ programme has awarded £3million grant funding since 2008 to projects improving the condition, use, specialist knowledge and understanding of historic buildings and spaces within the town centre.  Working in partnership with property owners and other partners, the project - funded by the Council, Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), One North East and English Heritage -  is helping to sustain the town’s precious historic built environment.  It is also equipping the local community - businesses, property owners, residents, contractors and others - with the knowledge and skills essential to sustain the wider historic built environment for social and economic benefit.


Other business fund providers

  • NEL or telephone 0845 111 1850