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Busker's Licence

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If you wish to perform in Stockton Town Centre (performances include busking) you should apply for a Busker's Licence no later than ten working days before you would like to perform.


Eligibility criteria

You should submit your application to Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council no later than ten working days before you would like to perform. Your application will be considered by the Stockton Town Centre management team who will contact you once a decision has been made whether a licence will be issued to you.


Regulation summary

A summary of the regulation relating to this licence


Application evaluation process

A Busking Licence application must be given in writing (online notifications are acceptable) to Stockton Council at least ten working days before the performance is likely to be held.

There is no fee for this licence. We will write to you once we have made a decision.


Will tacit consent apply?

Tacit consent applies for Busking Licences Temporary Event Notices. Tacit consent means that if we have not dealt with applications within the target period then the application can be deemed to have been approved.



To apply, please call 01642 527745.


Complaints and advice

If you wish to complain about the way we have processed an application for a Busker's Licence, or if you have concerns about a Busker's Licence we have issued to someone please contact Stockton Council's Town Centre Management team.

If your complaint is not resolved you may wish to take advice from Consumer Direct (if you live within the UK) or the UK European Consumer Centre (if you live outside of the UK) or you may contact the Economic Growth and Development Services Team with details of your complaint.