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How to pay a car parking fine

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If you have received a parking Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) in the Borough of Stockton you can pay the penalty using the online penalty charge notice service.

It is easy and secure. You will need the 10 digit penalty charge notice number from the parking penalty notice. We accept credit and debit cards.

You can object to the penalty, send a message and view the Council's photographic evidence.

Online details will be available 24 hours after the penalty charge notice was issued.

Pay or appeal your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) 


Pay by telephone

Call our 24 hour automated telephone payments line on 0330 555 6780. Select option 3 or Parking Fines and follow the instructions given. Please have your penalty charge notice number ready as you will be asked to key this into your telephone, please replace the letters SQ with **. Calls are charged at a local rate.


Pay in person

Please visit the Parking and Concessionary Fares Team at:

We accept credit and debit cards, cheques and postal orders. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to Stockton-on-Tees Council. The 10 digit penalty charge notice number must be written on the reverse of the cheque or postal order.


Pay by post

Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to Stockton-on-Tees Council. 

The 10 digit penalty charge notice number must be written on the reverse of the cheque or postal order. Post the payment slip on your parking penalty charge with your cheque or postal order to:

Parking and Concessionary Fares 
Stockton Borough Council
Stockton Customer Service Centre
Church Road
TS18 1TU



A penalty charge of £50 or £70 can be issued dependent upon the seriousness of the parking contravention. The charge issued may be determined in the following ways:

Lower charge
Parking in a place which is allowed but staying longer than the parking ticket you have paid for.

Higher charge
Parking in a place that is prohibited such as yellow lines.

A parking penalty will be reduced by 50% if the charge is paid within 14 days. If a parking penalty is not paid by the date stated the charge may increase by  50%. 

To avoid receiving a penalty charge notice, it is advisable to always comply with road markings/traffic signs and relevant conditions for use of car parks.

Please contact the Parking and Concessionary Fares team for further information about our parking enforcement rules (details on right hand side of this page).

If you would like to request that the Parking Enforcement team attend a specific location please contact us on (01642) 528439. 


How to challenge a car parking fine

If you do not agree with the issue of your parking penalty charge you can challenge it by using the online penalty charge service.  

Challenge your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) 

Alternatively complete the Penalty Charge Notice Challenge Form and post it to the following address: 

The Parking and Concessionary Fare team 
Stockton Customer Service Centre
Church Road
TS18 1TU


If the penalty charge is not paid or challenged

If the Penalty Charge is not paid within the 28 day period specified on the front of the penalty charge notice (PCN), or successfully challenged, the Council may serve a Notice to Owner (NtO) on the owner of the vehicle requiring payment of the Penalty Charge. 

The owner can then make representations to the Council and may appeal to an independent adjudicator if those representations are rejected.  The NtO will contain instructions for doing this.

If you challenge a Penalty Charge Notice but the Council issues a NtO anyway, the owner must follow the instruction on the NtO.

View the Council's Parking Enforcement Policy.

Further information about Civil Enforcement including Penalty Charge Notices and Notice to Owner can be found on the Patrol UK website.


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