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Borough-wide car parking strategy

car parking

In December 2010, Cabinet agreed the principle of charging for car parking specifically in Yarm, but stated that it should be introduced as part of a Borough wide review of parking charges. Cabinet approved the Borough wide car parking strategy in December 2011, the arising recommendations included the introduction of car parking charges in Yarm and a review of the parking restrictions in Norton.


Norton Parking Study

In 2011 a Borough wide parking study was undertaken. Norton was identified as an area for assessment. The Central Area Transport Strategy (ATS) Group whose members are local transport stakeholders have been given an annual budget allocation to spend on transport priorities in their particular area. Stakeholders include Ward Councillors and Norton Village Residents Association. The Central ATS Group approved a study into parking in Norton given the perceived parking issues in the area and to investigate the feasibility of introducing pedestrian crossing facilities at Leven Road.

See the following documents for more information about the Borough Wide Parking Strategy and Norton Parking Study. 



Yarm Car Parking

Pay and display was implemented on Monday 28 April 2014 to assist the economy in Yarm by increasing the short stay parking provision and turn over of spaces. It also provided medium stay parking as an option on the High Street which was previously predominantly limited to a maximum stay of 2 hours, no return within 2 hours between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday. The parking charges, which cover the entire cobbled area of the High Street are; first 60 minutes free, £1 for 2 hours (following the free hour) then £1 for every hour thereafter applicable Monday to Saturday between 9am and 5pm inclusive, charges do not apply to blue badge holders, residents’ permit holders, visitors displaying a valid voucher or on Bank Holidays.

In response to feedback received from Monday 11 May 2015 it is proposed to trial the issue of a ticket from the machines for the free parking period. There are no proposals to amend the on street parking charges, free period or charging hours.


Long Stay Parking Update

Long stay parking provision in Yarm Town Centre was increased to 111 off street spaces within walking distance of the High Street in March 2015 following the opening of ‘Yarm Wharf’, on the east side of the High Street. Planning approval has also been granted for a second new off street site, to the rear of 661 Yarm Road, north of Yarm Bridge. Following the opening of ‘Yarm Wharf’, repeat parking surveys will be conducted to investigate levels of residual on street commuter parking and to determine if residents permit parking in the roads to the west of the High Street is justified.



The statutory consultation phase ended on 19 July 2013.

View a copy of the statutory consultation notice

A meeting of Stockton Council's Appeals and Complaints Committee was held on Tuesday, 10 September 2013.

View minutes and supporting documents for the meeting of Stockton Council's Appeals and Complaints Committee that was held on Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Members of the Committee considered representations received during the statutory consultation period relating to the following Traffic Regulation Orders:

Traffic Regulation Order A67 High Street, Yarm 2013

(includes pay and display, dedicated parking spaces and waiting restrictions on the High Street).

Off-Street Parking Places Order 2013

(Old Market and Castle Dyke Wynd long stay car parks).

Yarm Town Centre Area (Prohibition of Waiting) Order 2013

(waiting restrictions on roads adjacent to the High Street).

View traffic and gating orders

Notice of proposed modification to the Traffic Regulation Order A67 High Street, Yarm 2013 was given on Tuesday, 22 October 2013.

Stockton Council sought representations on the recommendations of the committee to modify the proposed order as follows:

1. To increase the initial free period of parking from 30 minutes to one hour.

2. To introduce a maximum stay on the High Street for all vehicles of up to three hours.

Representations closed on 13 November 2013. Replies will not be provided to each representation but all relevant representations will be considered by the Head of Technical Services prior to determining whether to make the order with or without modification. The notice of making of the order, with or without modifications, will be published in due course and information will be posted on the Council’s website.


View the notice for Yarm High Street, the notice for off-street parking (the Old Market Car Park and Castle Dyke Wynd Car Park)  (links)


Other Supporting Information

The following documents provide useful supporting information: