Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for an outstanding Borough

Big plans for an outstanding Borough

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The Borough of Stockton-on-Tees deserves ambitious thinking. So we are driving projects which will bring economic prosperity and create jobs.

We’re creating new, vibrant and animated town centres that are at the very heart of our community.

Town centres full of energy and opportunity. Town centres that will transform the look, feel and spirit of the area for decades to come. We want the future of our Borough to be dynamic, exciting and inviting.

In these pages you'll find details of all you need to know about doing business in Stockton, why Stockton is good for business and details of how to travel to and around the Borough.

This particular page will be updated with information about our policies and plans so that you are able to keep up to date with key developments,


Economic Strategy and Economic Growth Plan

The Economic Strategy sets out the Council’s long term vision and ambitions in relation to economic growth and is reviewed and approved annually by Cabinet.

The Economic Growth Plan sets out what will be delivered in the next three years to deliver the outcomes and ambitions in the Economic Strategy and is also reviewed and approved annually by Cabinet.

Both documents are informed by the Local Economic Assessment which is one of many documents forming an evidence base for the Council.  


Local Economic Assessment

The Local Economic Assessment analyses the Borough’s characteristics, performance and trends, and shows the nature and extent of the opportunities and challenges that exist.

The Executive Summary highlights the key insights that can help to inform policy, delivery and strategy. The Assessment has been undertaken against the chapters of Business, Place and People; recognising these as a series of inter connected economic factors. 

You can access each chapter via the following links:

There is also an Appendix providing a glossary of terms.

Based on the most up-to-date available evidence and statistics, the Stockton-on-Tees Local Economic Assessment is part of the decision-making toolkit for Stockton Council, local partners and businesses. It dovetails with the Tees Valley Economic Assessment and recognises the economic conditions and drivers that cross Tees Valley Local Authority boundaries.

For more information contact Economic Growth and Spatial Planning on telephone 01642 526050 or email [email protected]


Scrutiny of Economic Regeneration and Transport Policies

The Council's Place Select Committee monitors and evaluates the way in which we work and how policies are being implemented and developed.


Development Plan

The Development Plan sets out how land and buildings in the area should be used. The Development Plan comprises the:

  • Local Plan (2019)
  • Joint Minerals and Waste Core Strategy and Policies and Sites Development Plan Documents (September 2011)

For more information contact Planning Policy on telephone 01642 526050 or email [email protected] 


The Local Transport Plan

The Local Transport Plan sets out Stockton Council's plans for maintaining and improving the local transport system over a five-year period. You can also view our consultation exercise, environmental assessment report and our Sustainable Travel Strategy. 

For more information contact Economic Growth and Development Services on telephone 01642 526709 or email [email protected].


Consultation on Combined Authority Transport Strategy

Connecting the Tees Valley is the framework of the Tees Valley Combined Authority’s Strategic Transport Plan. a draft Strategic Transport Plan will be published in early 2019 for public consultation. The Framework sets out the region’s transport priorities up to 2026 and offers the opportunity for stakeholders, interest groups and the public to help inform the development of the Strategic Transport Plan.

The Combined Authority’s transport vision for the Tees Valley is ‘to provide a high quality, quick, affordable, reliable and safe transport network for people and freight to move within, to and from the Tees Valley’.

Further details on the Strategic Transport Plan and the framework document can be found on the Tees Valley Combined Authority website.