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Determined to quit? Here's six ways to help Stockton-on-Tees smokers kick the habit

21 September 2018

Smokers in Stockton-on-Tees are being urged to quit next month as part of Stoptober - the annual quit smoking challenge which encourages people to give up their nicotine habit.

Image of How will you quit stop smoking team

Smokers in Stockton-on-Tees are being urged to quit next month as part of Stoptober - the annual stop smoking challenge which encourages people to give up their nicotine habit. 

The campaign, which takes place each October, is based on research that those who stop smoking for 28 days are five times more likely to stop for good.

Councillor Jim Beall, Stockton-on-Tees' Borough Council's Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, said: "Stopping smoking is one of the single most beneficial things that you can do for your own health, your family's health and your wallet, but it isn't always easy. That's why we support the Stoptober campaign as a way to encourage people to make healthy choices and remind them of the help available throughout the year. Why not take the first step and join in the Stoptober challenge? With the right support, you too can quit for good." 

Mum-of-two Claire Gibson, 40, from Billingham successfully gave up smoking 25 cigarettes a day after seeing her mother struggle with a chronic lung condition. 

She said: "I have been a smoker for the past 20 years and have tried unsuccessfully to give up in the past. 

"Through the stop smoking service I started taking Champix, a prescription medicine which greatly increases the chance of successfully quitting as it reduces cravings. 

"At times it was a struggle to quit but with amazing support from the stop smoking service, as well as from friends and family, I am much healthier and saving up to £70 a week. 

"My family is over the moon that I am smokefree and I now have money to spend on myself and save too. Quitting is a personal decision but if you feel like the time is right for you, I would 100 per cent recommend the stop smoking service to help you achieve your goal." 

Here are SIX ways smokers across the Borough can get the help and support they need to become smokefree. 

Face to face support

Throughout the year the Council works with the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust to provide a free, friendly, specialist stop smoking service.

Stockton's stop smoking service offers weekly drop in sessions where people can get practical help and advice. Those accessing the service find it easier to stop and are four times more likely to stay smokefree. The stop smoking service can also advise on a range of ways to tackle cravings. 

For support and advice on quitting smoking in Stockton-on-Tees, phone the stop smoking service on 01642 383819.


E-cigarettes are a great way to help combat nicotine cravings and carry less risk than cigarettes. E-cigarette vapour doesn't contain tar or carbon monoxide - two of the most harmful elements in tobacco.  E-cigarettes are particularly effective when combined with support from stop smoking services. People choosing this combination have some of the highest quitting success rates. 

Stop smoking medicines

Stop smoking advisors can advise on the best way to tackle cravings using Nicotine replacement therapies. From patches, gum and inhalers to replacement tablets, there are lots of options to help with cravings which can be hard to handle. Nicotine replacement therapies replace some of the nicotine without the harmful elements. 

Download the app

Downloading the free smokefree app onto a phone or tablet can bring step-by-step help with the quitting journey. The app can help motivate by tracking the number of smokefree days, calculating the total amount saved by not smoking and creating a distraction when cravings hit.  

Sign up for daily email support

Through the Stoptober campaign, people trying to quit can receive daily emails to help keep them on track and stay smokefree. Sign up here.

Make Stoptober social

Share progress and craving-busting tips on social media. Be motivated by success stories and join in the conversation @NHSSmokefree to access support, tips and advice.