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Food Information regulations

New Allergen Rules For Caterers

The new Food Information Regulations 2014 came into force in December 2014. The Regulations change the way you and your staff provide information to consumers about the food you serve and the allergens your food contains.

You should already have in place procedures to notify consumers of the presence of any allergens in your foods on request. Also food preparation methods should be in place to eliminate cross contamination of ingredients.

The providing of information regarding the allergens your meals contain is extremely important as those with food allergies can have potentially very serious reactions to eating food they are allergic to. It is now mandatory to provide allergen information regarding the food you sell.

The main changes are:

  • There is a new requirement for allergen information to be provided for non-packed foods.
  • This includes fold sold by caterers including takeaways, restaurants and sandwich shops.
  • Information must be given regarding all allergens that are an ingredient in the foods you prepare and serve.
  • This information must be given in writing in a conspicuous place and must be easily visible and clearly legible.
  • The information can be provided verbally but you must ensure it is accurate consistent and verifiable by reference to a documented system.

What you need to do:

  • Make sure you and your staff are aware of the 14 regulated allergens. (see guidance below for a full list)
  • Consider the food products you make and identify which of the 14 allergens are contained within each product.
  • Decide in what form you intend to provide this information to consumers (for example, listing the allergens next to each product on the menus or having a documented allergen chart).
  • Carry out staff training to ensure they are aware of the changes and that they know how to deal with consumer’s enquiries.
  • If the ingredients or recipes of the food products alter you must ensure that the allergen information is also altered to accurately reflect any changes as they occur.


Guidance Notes

The following guidance will help you understand and implement the new rules.

FSA Allergen Information Leaflet for Loose Foods

FSA Think Allergy Poster

Allergen Content Chart

If you need further advice contact us on 01642 526560 or email

For more detailed information visit the Food Standards Agency website.