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Setting The Bar

Welcome to Setting the Bar, Stockton on Tees Borough Council’s Licensed Premises Award Scheme.

All on-licenced premises operating in Stockton will be invited to participate during their initial licence application; existing premises will be invited at the point of renewing their licence. In addition the scheme will complement the targeted inspection regime to enable premises to be assessed during their routine inspection to Bronze level, whilst raising awareness of the opportunity to apply to the scheme to be assessed to a higher level. The scheme promotes to operators the benefits of operating above the minimum requirements of the Licensing Act 2003 in order to provide a higher standard of premises. This scheme is fully supported by Cleveland Police.

Each criteria is categorised and the scoring will be as follows:

M     Mandatory - applications must meet all relevant mandatory criteria – Bronze Award

D     Desirable – applicants should demonstrate commitment to improvement beyond mandatory requirements. All M and 75% of D criteria – Silver Award.

E     Exceptional standard, only premises that achieve all of the M, 75% of D and 50% of E criteria will receive Gold Award.

Evidence will be required in support of your application.

If you are interested in applying to join the scheme please complete the application form.

What Happens Next?

Following submission of the application with copies of policies and other documentation to evidence the suitability of your application, a visit may be required to assess the premises. If a visit is required we will examine all written policies and documentation that you have submitted against the application. Where policies are in place or training is required premises will be expected to evidence that this has been undertaken and understood by all staff.

Setting the Bar status will be awarded based on your application and the evidence you provide. However, you may be re-assessed at any time and your status can be withdrawn or suspended if you do not show evidence that the practices you outline in the application do apply at all times and in all circumstances.

Please see attached for the list of Accredited Venues.

Should you need any assistance with your application please contact [email protected] or telephone Licensing Services 01642 526566.


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