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Licensing Act 2003 - Personal Licences

Licence Summary

If an individual wants to supply alcohol or authorise the sale of alcohol within a licensed premises they must have a personal licence.

The personal licence will enable the individual to carry out the sale of alcohol in a licensed premises anywhere within England and Wales.

Personal licences remain valid unless surrendered, suspended, revoked or declared forfeit by the courts.
The requirement to renew a personal licence was removed from the Licensing Act 2003 by the Deregulation Act 2015. Once granted, the licensing authority which issued the licence remains the “relevant authority” for it and its holder, even though the individual may move out of the area or take employment elsewhere. The personal licence itself will give details of the issuing licensing authority.


Regulation Summary

Copies of relevant legislation can be found on the website.


Application Process

Before you can apply for a personal licence you must obtain an accredited licensing qualification. The aim of the qualification is to ensure that licence holders are aware of the licensing law and the wider social responsibilities involved in the sale of alcohol. This training is not provided by Stockton on Tees Borough Council and must be sought externally. Further information about the licensing qualifications can be obtained direct from the Home Office website.

To apply for a personal licence you will need to complete the application for grant of a Personal Licence and the Disclosure of Convictions and Declaration forms below.

  • You must be aged 18 or over and apply to the licensing authority that covers the area where you normally live. The fee for this licence is £37.00.
  • You will also require two passport size photographs, one of which must be endorsed as a true likeness and on photographic paper. The photographs must be full face uncovered and without sunglasses and unless the applicant wears a head covering due to religious beliefs, without a head covering.
  • In addition you need to provide a basic criminal convictions check.
  • The disclosure certificate must be no older than 1 month when submitted with the completed application. A basic criminal convictions check can be obtained from Disclosure Scotland. For further details please visit the MyGov Scotland website

If you have been convicted of any relevant offence or foreign offence you must provide details for each conviction, this must include the name and location of the convicting court, details of the offence of which you were convicted and the sentence imposed.

If there are convictions for any relevant or foreign offence, the licensing authority will give a notice to the chief officer of police for the area. If the police make no objections within a 14 day period, the licence will be granted.

If you need to change any personal details you need to apply for a replacement licence. You need to return your current personal licence (paper counterpart and photo card) and two photographs (as above) accompanied by the £10.50 fee.


How To Apply

To apply for a Personal Licence please download and complete the appropriate form below.

Application For Grant Of A Personal Licence

Disclosure Of Convictions and Declaration

Notification Of Change Of Address

Notice Of Surrender Of A Personal Licence


Guidance Notes

To view guidance documents please select the appropriate link below:

Licensing Policy Statement 2016

Guidance & Information Relating To The Licensing Act 2003

Fees And Charges