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Landlord Liaison Scheme

landlord liaison scheme

The Landlord Liaison Scheme has been established to enable housing providers to make informed decisions on the allocation of housing to prospective tenants.

This is achieved via the use of a database of landlords and their properties to enable landlords to gain a reference regarding the housing history of their prospective tenants. Reference information will relate to previous antisocial behaviour, rent arrears, breach or abandonment of tenancy agreements and abandonment of a property.


What do we do?

Your prospective tenant will complete a rehousing application form, which includes details of their housing history from the last three years and confirms that we will share information between landlords, the Police and the Council. On receipt of this we will contact previous landlords to request a reference, as well as checking with the Anti-Social Behaviour team. We would then pass this information back to you to make an informed decision regarding the allocation of your tenancies.

Referencing tenants in this way will assist landlords by preventing problem tenants from moving freely around the private sector and will therefore be a valuable tool in tackling anti-social behaviour.

There is no charge for this service, and the more landlords who use the scheme to reference their prospective tenants, the more successful the scheme will be.

Tackling anti-social behaviour
The Anti-Social Behaviour team are able to investigate cases of nuisance and antisocial behaviour involving the tenants of private landlords.

For more information please contact 01642 527615.

Support and information
The Landlord Liaison Scheme will also provide information and support on any tenancy related issues including tenancy agreements, eviction and enforcement support and help with specific cases involving the tenants of private landlords.


Contact the Landlord Liaison Team

For further information please contact the Landlord Liaison Team on telephone: 01642 527620 or email: