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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Local ward information about anti-social behaviour

anti social behaviour

You can find details of your local Anti-Social Behaviour Patch Officer and a summary of the number of ASBO's in place in your ward in the following table.

Ward area                                     ASBO              ASB Patch Officer              
Billingham Central 1 Louise Crisp
Billingham East 1 Louise Crisp
Billingham North 0 Louise Crisp
Billingham South 1 Louise Crisp
Billingham West 0 Louise Crisp
Bishopsgarth and Elmtree 0 Rebecca Whybourne
Eaglescliffe 0 Chris Dunwell
Fairfield 0 Rebecca Whybourne
Grangefield 0 Rebecca Whybourne
Hardwick 3 Louise Crisp
Hartburn 0 Rebecca Whybourne
Ingleby Barwick East 0 Chris Dunwell
Ingleby Barwick West 2 Chris Dunwell
Mandale and Victoria 1 Chris Dunwell
Newtown 4 Louise Crisp 
Northern Parishes 0 Mike LIncoln
Norton North 2 Mike Lincoln
Norton South 1 Mike Lincoln
Norton West 0 Mike Lincoln
Parkfield and Oxbridge 0 Mike Lincoln
Roseworth 0 Louise Crisp 
Stainsby Hill 1 Chris Dunwell
Stockton Town Centre 2 Mike Lincoln
Village 0 Chris Dunwell
Western Parishes 0

Rebecca Whybourne

Yarm 0 Chris Dunwell

You can find information on your local Police Constable and Police Community Support Officer on the Cleveland Police website, as well as local priorities and the official crime figures.

Find local policing information on the Cleveland Police website.

Visit Police UK for local crime, policing and criminal justice information.