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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for the young people of our Borough

Vulnerable, Exploited, Missing, Trafficked (VEMT)

VEMT stands for Vulnerable, Exploited, Missing, Trafficked and is the acronym used by the four Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) in the Tees area (Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees) related to work they do individually and together to understand and address the issues relating to children who are at risk due to going missing from home and care and/or are at risk of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Keep an eye out for our new campaign posters  'Where is your child tonight?'


Tees Strategic VEMT Group

This group chaired by Cleveland Police is attended by senior professionals of the four Tees LSCBs (Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees) who they are accountable to. They work together to address the issues of vulnerable, exploited, missing or trafficked children through the remit of this group which meet on a quarterly basis. It was established to provide strategic direction across the Tees area for professionals working with children and young people who may be at risk of, or are vulnerable to exploitation or who by way of going missing, may be at risk. It also leads on joint campaigns and the production of procedures and tools that will assist staff in their work regarding this issue.


Stockton VEMT and Practitioners Groups

Stockton LSCB as well as being actively involved in the Tees LSCBs VEMT Strategic Group has a local Operational VEMT Group and a VEMT Practitioners Group. The Operational Group meets every six weeks and the Practitioners Group meets monthly.

The Operational Group drives forward and reviews the VEMT action plan taking responsibility for specific actions on the plan or undertaking audits and review, development of policy and procedures, identifying and promoting best practice within agencies, information sharing pathways, and awareness raising.

The Practitioners Group focuses on what is happening on the ground with specific young people, highlighting those most vulnerable due to going missing or at risk of/involved in exploitation; highlighting any specific themes or trends relating to young people such as hotspots and identifying potential facilitators of young people running or being exploited; and ensuring that service provision for these young people is adequate and identifying gaps in service provision.


Where is your child tonight?

A series of posters from our VEMT (Vulnerable, Exploited, Missing or Trafficked) 'Where is your child tonight?' campaign are now available. Each of them are aimed at raising awareness of issues that could place children in situations where they may be at risk of harm, engaging in anti social behaviour or making them vulnerable through the actions/decisions they make. Please share them with your friends and colleagues and use them to discuss situations with children to raise their awareness of the risks they may be taking.


Trafficking/Modern Day Slavery

Help us to raise awareness of this issue.

Please recommend to staff in your organisations that the following resources are viewed, discussed at team meetings, safeguarding forums and any other access points that could help raise awareness of trafficking.

An estimated 36 million people are being used, bought, sold or transported for exploitation worldwide, yet awareness of the issue remains low.

 The following resources should help raise awareness across your organisation.   

  • Modern Slavery is closer than you think. This Modern Slavery film includes information on how to spot potential victims, how they may be exploited and what you can do to help free the UK from Modern Slavery. To find out more visit Gov.UK website

Child Sexual Exploitation

In the Wrong Hands

A new campaign to fight child sexual exploitation on Teesside was launched on 20 May 2015 by all partners across the Tees area. This aims to raise awareness with the public and professionals and a number of resources are available to support the campaign including:

 Say Something if you See Something

Campaign September 2014 was launched to raise awareness within the hotel, taxi drivers and licensed premises industry. A number of awareness raising resources are available, including:


Sexual Consent

The ‘Consent is Everything’ campaign

As part of their ‘Consent is Everything’ campaign, Thames Valley Police released the following video called 'Tea and Consent' which highlights awareness and some of the issues regarding sexual consent.

Watch the Tea and Consent video.


Resources for Professionals

  • Child Sexual Exploitation Partners Information Sharing Form
    This form should be used by all LSCB partner agencies to share information with the police regarding possible indicators that child sexual exploitation is taking place in a particular venue/location, hotspot, or by use of a particular vehicle etc.
  • Teeswide Child Sexual Exploitation Risk Assessment Tool
    This form should be used by all LSCB partner agencies who think a child may be may be at risk of child sexual exploitation. Once completed, if it confirms concerns the professional MUST make a referral to children’s social care using the SAFER Referral Form and should include a copy of the completed Risk Assessment.