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School transfers


Requests are regularly received from parents to transfer their child to an alternative school and it can be for a variety of reasons. In certain cases it does not always benefit the child or the school and so the Local Authority has laid out procedures which are followed upon receipt of such a request.


Apply for an in-year school transfer

If you pay your Council Tax to Stockton Borough Council and you want to change your child's school you will need to complete an 'In-Year Application for change of school' form for each child who you want to transfer.

If you are moving away from Stockton to another Local Authority you still need to complete a Stockton transfer form and we will liaise with the other authority. Once they have considered your application we will contact you with the decision.

If you are moving into the Stockton area you will need to contact your Local Authority for their application form unless you are moving from abroad where you should download the Stockton form and email or fax it back to us in School Admissions. Please note: The current 2014 School Admissions Code (that applies to all maintained schools in England only) states that there is no requirement for Local Authorities (LA) to co-ordinate in-year applications. Therefore if your current LA informs you that they no longer administer transfer requests on behalf of schools then you need to complete a Stockton application only and apply directly with Stockton School Admissions.

  • Print and complete the In-Year Application for Change of School form.
    Please note: if your child already attends a Stockton school and you want to request a school transfer, Section 6 of the form must be completed and signed by the child’s current Head teacher before you send the form to us. We will be unable to process your request if this section has not been completed.


School transfer procedure

School transfers can take between 5 - 10 school days to complete; if there are any issues with the request this can make the process longer.

We will send your transfer form and any other information that you send us to both your current school and your preferred school.

If we receive more than one application on the same day for the same school and year group we will apply our own over-subscription criteria.

It may be if you have not discussed any concerns with your current school that the Head Teacher requests you attend a meeting before we can process your application any further, as it is not always in your child's best interest to change schools. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child attends their current school until a new school place has been agreed.

Transferring to a Voluntary Aided School or Academy
If you are applying for a Voluntary Aided school or an Academy then their Governing Body or Academy Admissions panel will consider your application and let us know the decision. They may apply their own Admissions Policy to any applications that they have received. We will contact you on their behalf.