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Applying for a school place


There are a number of disruptions to Council services because of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please check the link below before accessing any of our services.

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Applying for school places can take time and effort, and as a parent, you want to get it right.

You have the right to say which school you would prefer your child to go to, but the procedure for getting a place at some schools is different from others. We have incorporated admission procedures for each stage of education in these pages.

We are responsible for processing all applications for school places in community schools, Voluntary-Aided (VA) schools, academies and free schools.

All applications for a place in a school within the Borough of Stockton need to be made through the School Admissions Team. The application form will give parents the opportunity to put up to three preferences on the form and give reasons for the application.


Admission guidance documents

The following guidance documents provide useful information about the admissions and appeals process.


Community and controlled schools

Places at primary and secondary schools are allocated according to a set of admission criteria. Each admission authority sets its own admission criteria. Stockton LA acts as the admission authority for all Community and Voluntary Controlled schools in Stockton, so it sets the admission criteria for these schools.


Voluntary-Aided schools, academies and free schools

Voluntary-Aided (VA) schools, academies and free schools act as their own admission authority and set their own admission criteria. If you want your child to attend a VA school, academy or free school, we would advise you to look at the individual school’s criteria to see where your child would be considered.


Proof of address

NB - here at Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council we are doing everything we can to support residents across the Borough as we all face the challenges of Coronavirus. During these uncertain times we understand that parents/carers may face difficulties in obtaining information or contacting certain companies e.g. Utility or Estate Agents staff in regards to supporting their child’s school application or position on a waiting list. With this in mind we will on a case by case basis, when you contact the School Admissions team be mindful of the situations families find themselves in with regards to providing proof/evidence:

  • of their new main residence; or
  • details on their previous / second property.  

We ask for different proof depending on whether you are applying for a main round primary /secondary place, or for an 'in-year' transfer.

For the main round of primary and secondary applications we will ask you to show us the following documents:

  • Council Tax bill
  • Child Benefit letter/child tax credit letter or letter from your GP that shows the child’s name and the new address
  • Gas or electric bill showing usage within the last three months. This can be either a paper copy from your utility supplier or a full copy printed from your online account and
  • Details of what has happened with your previous property e.g. a solicitor’s letter confirming you have sold the property or a rental agreement.

The Local Authority will not consider temporary addresses for the purpose of processing an application. This means that if, for example, you live temporarily with other family members or you move to temporary accommodation for any reason, the address used to process the application will be the address at which you were living before the temporary move took place.


School Admission Arrangements 2020/21

All schools and academies in Stockton-on-Tees have determined their admission arrangements with effect from September 2020.

View the arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools.

For details of admission arrangements for a faith school, an academy or free school you should contact them directly or you can contact us by phone on 01642 526605, or email [email protected]

Admission Numbers
View the School Admission numbers for 2020 (the maximum number of children that can be allocated a school place) for all schools and academies. Some schools have increased their admission number for entry in September 2018. These are clearly shown in the document.

The Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements Timetable
View the Co-ordinated Admissions Arrangements Timetable 2020-21 for an explanation of how places are offered.


Contact School Admissions

The Stockton-on-Tees School Admissions and Transfers Team help parents and carers through the school admissions process.

Telephone: 01642 526605
Please ring between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am and 4.30pm Fridays.

Email: [email protected]

Address: Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Municipal Buildings, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 1XE