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Governor training

information for school governors

There is a range of training available for both new and existing governors.


New Governors – Three Stage Induction Programme

Module 1 - Getting Started

This session aims to help governors understand their role in the education partnership. Following this session governors will be able to understand:

  • The developing of legal framework
  • Their relationship with the school
  • Their role as a member of the governing body team and its structure
  • Their responsibilities - focusing on the governance/management issues


Module 2 - Making It Happen

Following the session governors will:

  • Be able to make effective contact with their school
  • Be effective in meetings
  • Be given an insight into the information received at meetings


Module 3 - The Next Steps

This session builds on modules one and two by looking more closely at further aspects of school governance. Following the session governors will:

  • Understand their role in school improvement planning
  • Be able to monitor and evaluate school performance


Governor Training and Development Programme

Governors can access a range of training courses through the Annual Governor Training Development Programme.

View the Governor Training and Development Programme 2018 - 19.

If there is a subject that governors would like to know more about which is not included in the programme, please let us know as we would be more than happy to source someone to provide this.

For further information please contact the Governor Support Service.


Online Governor Training

Governors can also access an online training facility through NGA Learning Link.

You will need to click on the 'Learning Link self-registration' button on the home page and add your details to the self-registration form. Under the search box for Schools/Academies, make sure to select the right one using the address and postcode if necessary. If your school or academy is not listed, it may not be signed up to Learning Link. In this case please select ‘My group has not been listed’ box and an email will come through to NGA Learning Link which will prompt them to contact you. Approval is not immediate and an email confirmation will be sent following approval.  We will receive a message from NGA Learning Link and confirm you are a governor within a Stockton school to enable the log to be established. NGA Learning Link training is popular with governors and will give access to a wealth of resources. It is not intended for the online training to replace face-to-face training, however it will provide alternate options for governors to undertake a wide range of training materials.

Online Safer Recruitment training is also available via the NSCPCC website.

There is a £30 charge for this training course, however governors can access this training via the School and Governor Support Training and Development Annual Programme.


Contact Governor Support Service

Telephone: 01642 526420 / 527695

Email: [email protected]  

Address: School and Governor Support Service, The Education Centre at Stockton Sixth Form College, Bishopton Road West, Stockton-on-Tees, TS19 0QD