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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Governor Support Service

information for school governors

Our School and Governor Support team provide a bespoke and up-to-date expertise around all governance issues. The service supports governors, governing bodies, schools and academies to carry out their statutory roles and responsibilities.

Under the agreement, for each governing body the support service will do the following:

  • Help the governing body to set agendas for meetings
  • Produce all relevant documents needed for a meeting
  • Post all documents to governors seven days before a meeting
  • Provide a support officer at the governing body meetings to: record all business discussed, give advice to governors, report back on matter arising from previous meetings or correspondence and send a copy of the meeting's 'minutes' (the official record of the meeting) to the headteacher and the chair of governors for them to approve
  • Process any follow-up work from the meeting
  • Keep in touch with and advise the headteacher and the chair of governors between meetings
  • Run an advice line for all governors
  • Produce a summary of actions agreed at meetings and provide this to all governors
  • Produce reports for governors on all aspects of education, including any issues we want governors' views on

Each term we prepare and circulate documentation to Chairs and Vice Chairs detailing actions and discussion items which may need to be covered at Governing Body or Committee meetings.

The support service is also committed to providing high quality training and development opportunities for governors and governing bodies.

Further details are available on the Governor Training Page.