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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for the young people of our Borough

Safeguarding information for schools


The following resources are available for school staff to ensure a safe environment for both themselves and their learners.


Key documents

Child Protection Policy Template Guidance - September 2016  

Child Protection Policy Guidance Note

Peer on Peer Abuse Policy Guidance Template September 2016

Guidance for Safer Working Practice

Introduction to supporting pupils with health needs

Stockton-on-Tees Local Safeguarding Children Board section 11 audit and action plan

Acceptance of Receipt for Confidential Files

Guidance on Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

Reasonable Force in Schools Protocol

School Record of Restraint Form

Retention Guidelines for Schools

Elective Home Education Policy

Children Missing Education Policy

Attendance Policy and Procedures 2015

Intimate/personal care - Early years, Primary , Secondary Templates

Intimate Care Policy Guidance - November 16

Stay Safe Online

EHA Team Contact Details

Boys and Trafficking Report

Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

Working together to safeguard children; A guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children

DfE Keeping children safe in education; Statutory guidance for schools and colleges

DfE Child sexual exploitation definition and guide for practitioners

DfE Child sexual exploitation guidance annexes


Safeguarding Forum - 8th February 2017

Safeguarding Forum PowerPoint Presentation

Safeguarding Action Plan

Early Help - Parents and Carers Leaflet

View the link Unprotected Report - Children with learning disabilities at risk of sexual exploitation


Stockton-on-Tees Local Safeguarding Children Board (SLSCB) School Briefings

School Briefing 1 - September 2013

School Briefing 2 - October 2013

School Briefing 3 - November 2013

School Briefing 4 - January 2014

School Briefing 5 - March 2014

School Briefing 6 - June 2014

School Briefing 7 - September 2014

School Briefing 8 - October 2014

School Briefing 9 - November 2014

School Briefing 10 - January 2015

School Briefing 11 - Spring 2015

School Briefing 12 - September 2015

School Briefing 13 - September 2015

School Briefing 14 - October 2015

School Briefing 15 - November 2015

School Briefing 16 - December 2015

School Briefing 17 - January 2016

School Briefing 18 - February 2016

School Briefing 19 - March 2016

School Briefing 20 - April 2016

School Briefing 21 - May 2016

School Briefing 22 - May 2016

School Briefing 23 - July 2016

School Briefing 24 - September 2016

School Briefing 25 - October 2016

School Briefing 26 - November 2016

School Briefing 27 - December 2016

School Briefing 28 - January 2017

School Briefing 29 - March 2017

School Briefing 30 - March 30

School Briefing 31 - April 2017

School Briefing 32 - May 2017


Child Protection documents

CP1 - Safeguarding and Welfare of Children Chronological Report

CP2 - Safeguarding and Welfare of Children Note of Concern Form

CP2a - Safeguarding and Welfare of Children External record of Concern

CP2b - Safeguarding and Welfare of Children Witness Statement

CP3 - Safeguarding and Welfare of Children Key Contacts

CP4 - Safeguarding and Welfare of Children Information Sharing

CP5 - Safeguarding and Welfare of Children Record of Meeting

CP6 - Safeguarding and Welfare of Children receipt of Acceptance

CP7 - Safeguarding School Record of Cases

CPi - Safeguarding and Welfare of Children Contents List


Vulnerable, Exploited, Missing, Trafficked (VEMT)

Operation Shield VEMT Report

Teeswide Child Sexual Exploitation Risk Assessment Tool

VEMT Practitioners Group - Information and Update Form

Youth Direction Switch Project

VPG (VEMT Practitioners Group) School/College Update Form


Further information

The Stockton Information Directory (for Families) is a free online guide providing information and advice on a wide range of services for families in the Borough.