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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for the young people of our Borough


fostering and adoption

Foster carers come from all walks of life just like the children who need foster care.

Who can foster?

  • You may be married, single, divorced or in a partnership with someone.
  • You may have your own children or be childless but have experience of working with children or caring for children through your own family networks.
  • Foster carers may own their own homes or rent.
  • You or your partner may be employed or unemployed.
  • You cannot be a foster carer if you have offences against children or have any violence related offences.
  • You should be over 26 years old (this is not a legal requirement but our experience tells us the task of fostering needs a level of life experience and maturity).
  • Disability does not prevent you from becoming a foster carer.
  • Your sexuality will not prevent you being approved as a foster carer.
  • We need foster carers from all races and cultures to reflect the race and culture of the children we look after.
  • You may be religious or not.

Read the Fostering Service Statement of Purpose for further information.

Watch a video featuring some of our foster carers in Stockton talking about the rewards of fostering.


Types of fostering

Fostering can be split up into the following types of care depending on the childs requirements:

Short term/temporary foster carers
Needed to look after children for short periods of time which can range from a few days, months and sometimes up to two years.

Long term/permanent foster carers
Needed to offer children and young people a family throughout their childhood and even support into adulthood.

Short break/respite carers
Needed to offer children a series of short breaks.

Emergency carers
Needed to offer children immediate placement outside of normal office hours. The children usually stay in these placements for a matter of days only until a more suitable placement is found.

Family and friends as foster carers
Are placements for looked-after children who are known to the applicants.



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