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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for the young people of our Borough

What to do if you think your child has special educational needs


We have high hopes and aspirations for children and those with special educational needs and/or disabilities should have equal access to opportunities and the necessary support to do so.

We work closely with schools to support children and young people who need help. However, if you think your child needs specialist education or support please contact the SEN and Engagement Service. They will tell you all you need to know, including what you need to do if you think your child needs an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

The SEN and Engagement Service co-ordinates EHCPs and deals with placements in specialist provisions.

We also have a wide range of services available to provide help and support to children, parents, schools and other professionals to ensure that all children and young people get the best education.

For further information, please see the Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs page and Stockton's Local Offer website.


Contact the SEN and Engagement Service

Address: SEN and Engagement Service, Stockton Borough Council, 4th Floor, Queensway House, West Precinct, Billingham, TS23 2YQ

Telephone: 01642 527145 or 528739