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There are a number of children’s homes of different sizes in the Borough.

Every children’s home has its own Statement of Purpose which details what the home does and the ages of the children and young people who should live there. The statements for each home can be viewed below.

Some children’s homes are for the short term care of children who may not be able to live with their parents but where everyone involved with the family are working to enable the child or young person to be able to return home.

Other children’s homes are for the long term care of young people until they reach adulthood and are ready to move on.

There are other children’s homes that specialise in providing care for children and young people with complex needs or disabilities.

Whenever a child or young person moves into one of our children’s homes, they will be given a "young person's guide" telling them about the home, explaining how it is run, who works there, what they can expect and what the rules are.

Just before a child or young person moves into a home, a meeting will be held where everything can be discussed and any questions can be answered.


Statements of Purpose

Ayton Place


Piper House

Princess Avenue


Please note that these statements are anonymised for confidentiality purposes.  If you would like to request a full copy, please contact the Resources Team on 01642 527860.