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Sometimes a child or young person may be unable to live with their parents. There are many reasons why a situation like this can happen; some children and young people may have been abused or neglected, there may be a family crisis which means that the child or young person’s parents are unable to care for them or some children and young people have complex needs or disabilities.

Many children and young people who are unable to live with their parents are brought up by members of their extended family, friends or other people connected to them. Often such arrangements are made privately between the parents and the person or people providing the care.

In some circumstances, a child or young person may become ‘looked after’ by the Council. Children and young people can become looked after with the agreement or at the request of their parents or they may be ‘in care’ which means that a Court has granted a Care Order.

When a child or young person is looked after, they might live with a foster carer or with carers in a children’s home.

You will find more information about family and friends care in the following document or you can request more information by contacting The Children's Hub.


The Children's Hub, Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees

Telephone: 01429 284284 (please note the Hartlepool dialling code)

Email: [email protected]